BP plc is an international British energy and gas company located in London, England. It is among the six biggest "supermajors," whose performance during 2020 made it the third largest company in the world, in terms of revenue.


Other major companies include ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and ConocoPhillips. BP was set up in 1974 by Peter Sutherland, Sir Keith Mills, and Roger Lloyd. In addition to its own production, BP also has branches in Australia and Venezuela.


Although its major part is its production of crude oil, BP also plays a part in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Its exploration activities have resulted in some major discoveries, such as the well known "Vallarta" in Brazil. This is the first oil discovery in this part of South America.


It is not only oil that BP offers, but also a wide range of other services to its clients. These include transportation and distribution of fuel and liquefied natural gas (LNG), as well as petrochemical manufacturing, processing, and chemical engineering. With all these services to offer, BP’s revenues are increasing rapidly.


A major aspect of BP’s products and services is its refinery operations. The refinery houses the main equipment for the production and refinement of crude oil. These include condensate plants, distillation units, and several others. Some of the main products from the refinery include petrol and diesel. As well as gasoline, LNG is produced by the refinery as well, and this is used for fuel delivery.


The main advantage of the refinery operations of this company is that they produce gasoline that can be used in most countries throughout the globe. Moreover, the gasoline produced by BP is highly refined, so that it can be easily accessible to the public. In addition, the company produces a number of other products that can be used in various applications.


However, in terms of safety, BP has some major flaws. These include the "superbug" problem. The superbug is a common defect, which is responsible for some serious accidents at the refinery. It has affected some of the most important equipment. Apart from that, there have been cases of leakage of explosion in the refinery tanks.


One of the major oil spills in the recent past occurred at the refinery in April 2020. This incident resulted in the deaths of eleven people. Another major oil spill occurred in December of the same year. This incident led to the death of four workers and the contamination of one major reservoir. In addition, another major accident occurred in June of the same year, when a pipeline at the refinery ruptured.


Aside from these major problems, there have also been some major disasters at the refinery. The largest one was the explosion that occurred in April of 1997. The other major incidents were the fires that broke out in June of the same year, as well as the explosion at the facility in June of 1998.


There have been several complaints regarding the lack of safety measures at the refinery. Many people have complained about the safety of the pipelines, as well as the refinery’s safety measures. However, the refinery manages to satisfy most of the requirements of its customers.


The major concern of its customers is the pollution that has been caused by the refinery operations. Since the refinery produces gasoline, the pollution could lead to serious problems in the nearby environment. The refinery produces a number of pollutants that can harm the surroundings.


The major concern of the customers is that the refinery produces a lot of waste. The refinery wastes more than 80% of the fuel that is generated, which it needs to produce gasoline. The problem is that this waste is not utilized efficiently.


This waste is not recycled. This waste is not used in any way because of the poor condition of the facilities. This means that the oil that is produced is not used in order to create more fuel.

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