In the absence of a liver, the spleen is the main organ for filtering toxins from the body. When the spleen is not functioning properly, it can begin to remove healthy white blood cells from the bloodstream. This can cause: an increase in the risk of infection, a decrease in the number of red blood cells and an increase in the likelihood of anemia.

The kidneys, located in the “gallbladder,” are organs that remove waste products from the spleen and drain fluids. They are the most important organs for this task, but for this they must function well. If they are under stress due to illness or injury, the organ can also fail. If the kidneys are not working properly, toxins from the spleen can enter the bloodstream and be released through the kidneys.

As we age, our kidneys stop making enough “good” antibodies to fight infection, and our liver is unable to produce enough “good” substances that the immune system needs to keep us healthy. This means that if the liver is damaged, the surrounding organs are at increased risk – for example, the kidneys and spleen are more prone to infections than other organs.

There are several ways to improve organ performance. In addition to the usual doses of antibiotics and physician support, there are also a number of herbal supplements that have been shown to have some effect on improving the immune system. Nettle Root Herbal Supplement May Improve Kidney Function. Wild yam is a common herb that is believed to improve liver function.

However, in the case of liver and kidney failure, it is extremely important to be aware of the signs and symptoms. If you develop any of these symptoms, then you should go see your doctor. These include: tiredness; fatigue and weakness; a decreased level of energy; nausea; constipation; weight loss; a feeling of tiredness after eating; nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. bleeding gums; blood in the urine; and even bleeding from the rectum and the lungs.


If these signs are ignored, then the liver and the kidney might fail and they will eventually be forced out of the body. This can leave behind a 'washout' area where the toxins have accumulated, which is often painful. The organ can fail to replace the organs in the area and this leaves it with no protection against infection. If these symptoms don't go away, then the kidneys might not be able to filter as much toxins out of the bloodstream and the person might develop kidney failure.


It has also been noted that there is an increased incidence of cancer among patients who suffer from problems with the spleen. People who have developed kidney or liver failure were also more likely to develop lung, colorectal or breast cancer.


This is because the body has a harder time removing toxins from the blood


If your spleen seems to be functioning improperly and is making your life uncomfortable, then there are treatments available that may improve the function of the kidneys and liver. If you are not sure whether you have a spleen problem, you should speak to your doctor about taking herbal supplements.


Liver and kidney failure can cause a number of other problems, and it is vital that you know what they are and when they occur so that you can begin treating them. Your doctor will tell you the best way to treat your spleen if it is functioning properly. Treatment is typically focused on the organ itself, with the aim being to strengthen it and make it more resistant to infection. Although it is the most common cause of organ failure, it is important to recognise that it can be caused by a number of other problems.


Kidney failure is common in people with a spleen problem. If left alone, the spleen could eventually grow large enough to be able to prevent the passage of waste through the kidneys. This can lead to a number of other complications such as scarring of the liver or gallbladder, and the failure of the kidneys. If the kidneys and liver fail, then the kidneys are no longer capable of filtering the toxins and causing disease.


If left untreated, your symptoms may improve over time. However, if you do not seek treatment you could find yourself suffering from serious health problems such as congestive heart failure, jaundice, and even pancreatitis.



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