The word constipation refers to the pain of having difficultly emptying your bowel. It can be caused by illness, inactivity, stress, travel, drugs, and many other things. For some people it’s severe, meaning that it occurs very often. It may also be a sign of a serious bowel disorder. In some cases you’ll be able to tell right away when you’re experiencing this condition.


There are two main types of constipation. The first is stressful. Tension occurs when your body has to push out something that is difficult to overcome. You may become constipated if you have to press hard to push the stool out. On the other hand, you may also have more relaxed constipation when the pressure in your colon is reduced, but not enough to cause pain.


The second type of constipation is known as chronic pain. Chronic constipation occurs when the pressure in the colon worsens over time. Stools can become hard and dry because the walls of the colon are damaged and can no longer absorb water well. This is called straining constipation. If you have chronic constipation, you may also feel pain in the lower abdomen or on one side.


Because there are two different types of constipation, and one of them can be painful, doctors look for symptoms other than pain relief. These can include fever, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. If you have recently been feeling unwell due to constipation pain, the best option is take a colon cleanse supplement.


You should also eat a healthy diet to treat constipation naturally. Many constipated people don’t eat the right foods. They buy groceries online or buy food through the aisles in supermarkets. To make sure your food contains the ingredients your body needs, eat several servings of fruits and vegetables every day.


Your foods also need to contain the right amount of fiber content. Fiber helps move your stool along. Foods that are high in fiber also have more fiber in their diets. Some examples of fiber foods are oatmeal, barley, bran cereal, and whole grains.


Drinking plenty of water is also important. Water is a great detoxifier and helps move toxins from your body through your system. Avoid soda, tea, coffee, sodas, and alcohol. They all contribute to constipation because they are not particularly good for your colon. Instead drink a nice herbal or citrus beverage.


Other herbs and nutrients have been known to help reduce constipation as well. St. John’s Wort and witch hazel are two natural remedies you can try. Garlic capsules can ease pain. There are many other herbs and supplements that can help your constipation.


However, one very important step to taking steps toward treating constipation naturally is making sure that your bowel movements are regular. When you are not properly disposing of waste, you are more likely to experience symptoms such as pain and discomfort when you pass stools.


Taking colon cleanse supplements once or twice a year will allow your digestive tract to work better. As your bowels work at a higher level, your stool will move faster, which means you’ll pass stools quicker and thus reducing your constipation.


Colon cleanse supplements can help with this as well because the colon will be cleaner. which will reduce the amount of waste being released into the colon. This will lead to less stress and pressure on your colon and intestines, which will lead to fewer problems.


When you are suffering from constipation and pain, it’s a good way to find out why you’re having problems and what you can do about it. You’ll also get the benefits of a healthy diet, a good supplement, and lots of water to keep your colon working properly.

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